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Photoshoot - TG Caption by TGTitan
Mature content
Photoshoot - TG Caption :icontgtitan:TGTitan 27 0
Russian - TG Caption (Request by Yago1977) by TGTitan
Mature content
Russian - TG Caption (Request by Yago1977) :icontgtitan:TGTitan 14 0
A New Job - TG Caption by TGTitan
Mature content
A New Job - TG Caption :icontgtitan:TGTitan 73 0
Cowboy's Slut - TG Caption by TGTitan
Mature content
Cowboy's Slut - TG Caption :icontgtitan:TGTitan 77 0
Leggings - TG Caption by TGTitan
Mature content
Leggings - TG Caption :icontgtitan:TGTitan 133 1
The Phone -TG Caption by TGTitan
Mature content
The Phone -TG Caption :icontgtitan:TGTitan 100 1


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Photoshoot - TG Caption
Jordan was a photogropher for one of the most prestigious magazines in the country, although he was never recognized for it. One day, he tried to steal his coworkers, Mikes, photos, to give himself the credit.

When Mike found out about what Jordan did, he told him that he had 2 choices. Either he could tell Jordans Boss, or Jordan could do a favor for Mike. Not wanting to get fired, Jordan agreed to do a favor for him.

The time came, when a few weeks later, Mike was supposed to get a photo shoot for the fourth of July. He called Jordan down to the location for the shoot, and explained to him that he had been having bad luck finding a model. Thinking that he was supposed to recruit a model for Mike, Jordan eagerly agreed.

After Jordan told Mike he would find him a model, Mike injected him with a strange liquid from a syringe, "Yeah, but why find a model, when someone you know can do it for free?" Mike whispered to Jordan.

When the liquid had fully entered Jordans body, he blacked out, and began to experience strange changes in his body and mind. First, his clothes evaporated into thin air, and his body hair fell off. Next, his skin changed color from a pasty white, to a rich brown.

After these changes, his hair changed color from brown, to black, and grew out to his elbows. The rest of his head changed as well, as his chin shrunk, and his jawline raised. His nose slimmed down substantially, and his lips grew fuller, and slightly darker. Finally, his ears became pierced, and 2 silver earrings appeared on them.

The next to change was his torso, as 2 C-Cup breasts blossomed out of his chest. His shoulders also shifted inwards, and his arms thinned out, losing fat. His waist then caved inwards giving him more of an hourglass physique, and his hips flared out.

To compliment his new hips, his butt grew as well, and became quite large. His thighs also gained fat, and his feet and calves shrunk.

To end his physical transformation, his "little buddy" inverted into his body to form it's female counterpart.

With these changes completed, he, now she, possessed the body of a 24 year old female model, but the mind of a 30 year old man.

To fit her new body, her mind changed suit, as she recalled memory's of being a model, and lost her old ones. She now remembered herself as Jasmine, a 24 year old model, who worked primarily with Mike.

When she woke up, she was lying naked on a cold hard floor, in front of multiple lights, and a camera. Directly in front of her were a pair of high heels. She put them on, and with the memory's of a woman, was able to walk in them. As she raised herself off the ground, Mike, her photogropher, handed her an American flag, and told her to pose in front of the camera. She took the flag, and covered her breasts and crotch with it, showing off one leg, and part of her ass.

During the shoot, she had gained a romantic interest in Mike, and Mike had gained one in her, After the shoot was done, he led her to the changing rooms, and gave her a time to remember.

In her old job, Jasmine never got much fame, but with her picture on the cover, her career was assured to skyrocket, as well as her relationship
Russian - TG Caption (Request by Yago1977)
Alexei was a teenage immigrant from Russia, who was living with his uncle in New York City. Because he didn't know a lot of english, it was hard for him to get a job, so he took up the job of dealing drugs for the New York section of the Russian Mob.

One day, Alexei was jumped on his way to a deal, and, fearing for his life, he threw the drugs at the thug and ran. When he got back to the nightclub the Mob operated from, the leader, Dimitri, had already found out. Dmitri invited Alexei to the back room, and had a chat with him.

"You understand that this organization depends on trust, yes?" Dimitri asked him.

"Yes sir, I know" He responded.

"Then you also know that a team is only as strong as its weakest link" Dimitri said.
"Sadly, you are our weakest link, so we will have to let you go" Dimitri told him.

"But then what will I do for a living" Alexei asked.

"Oh, you will still work for us, you will just not be part of brotherhood anymore" Dimitri told him, as he stuck a needle in Alexei's arm.

Immediately all his body hair fell off, and his clothes disappeared, as he was left immobile on the floor.

Next, his hair grew down to his neck, and became bleach white, while his eyes shifted color from a dark green, to a light, piercing blue. His face rearranged itself to become more feminine, and his lips fattened up. He also grew in height, from 5"2 to 5"6. His vocal cords also changed, giving him a sultry, high pitched new voice.

Next, his shoulders slimmed down, and he lost most of the muscle in his arms. His chest was the next to change, as 2 B-Cup breasts juggled out, and his nipple grew in size. His waist slimmed down, and his hips flared out.

His butt then inflated, as it gained thrice (3-Times,) it's weight.

His thighs also grew, to match the size of his hips and ass.

Finally, his manhood inverted into womanhood, and his mind drastically changed. She lost all her memories of being Alexei, and gained new ones of being Anna, the clubs best performer.

At last, new clothes appeared on her, with tight-fitting panties to cover up her private parts, and a long white shirt covering hee upper body.

By the time the transformation was complete, she looked like she was 24 years olday.

"You see friend, you are no longer in brotherhood, you are in sisterhood" Dimitri explained to her.

"Now, show me what you can do" Dimitri told her.

Anna started singing, showing off her new voice.

When she was done, Dimitri told her "I bet those lips can do more than just sing"

He then led her out of the club, and to his apartment, to begin her new life as the girlfriend of a Russian captain.

-Her name is Polina Gagarina-
A New Job - TG Caption
Alex was a bouncer for a strip club. It was his job to keep perverts from getting to the girls. One day, after his shift was over, he decided to stay at the club for a while, and get a drink, but once he had gotten one, he couldn't stop. Eventually, he became so drunk, that he had spent all his cash on drinks.

Since he was extremely drunk, he decided to get a little "Handsy" with the girls, and started grabbing them. When the girls had finally gotten enough, they called the security, who grabbed Alex, and drug him out to the alley.

"You should know better, seeing how you work here and all" One of the guards told Alex.

With Alex being so drunk, he was'nt able to respond, so he just spat in the guards face. After that, the guard took out a needle, and injected him with it.

Immediatly, Alex found himself in the middle of the biggest change of his life. His body hair fell off, and his clothes disintegrated. He then shrunk from 6"2 to 5"6.

Then, his hair grew much longer, until it reached his chest. His face restructured itself to be more feminine, and his eyelashes grew much longer. At the same time, his adam's apple disappeared.

The next part of his body to change was his torso. His waist shrunk down, his muscle turning to fat, and his shoulders moved closer together. 2 giant D-cup breasts exploded out of his chest, and his nipples grew larger, and extra sensitive.

His arms then changed, as all his muscle changed into fat. His fingernails then grew longer, and painted.

The changes continued down to his lower regions, as his hips expanded, and his hard-earned abs disappeared. His butt then exploded, growing to 5 times it's old size, and raising Alex 3 inches off the ground.

The next part of him to change was his crotch, inverting from a manhood to a womanhood.

Her legs then grew proportionate to her ass.

Her mind then rearranged, shifting from a stone-cold bouncer, to a slutty stripper.

Suddenly, clothes appeared on her, but they weren't exactly "clothes." Instead, they consisted of gold chains covering her boobs, and a golden chain-link thong.

Finaly, Alex, now Alissa's changes were complete, as she became a thick black stripper, ready for her new job.

As she headed back inside to talk to the manager about her new job, one of the guards slapped her ass, sending a wave of pleasure throughout her body.

When she reached the managers office, he told her that if she really wanted to make some money, she should put on as many private shows as possible. By the end of her shift, she had earned 8 times her pay as a bouncer, and in no time she was the clubs best stripper.
Cowboy's Slut - TG Caption
Aidan was 21, and working at a local horse ranch to get some money to pay off his rent, when his entire life changed.

One day, after a hard days work, he was heading back to his small cabin on the edge of the ranch, given to him by the ranchs owner, who had an extra cabin, when he saw a hot chick waiting at his cabin. He went to go talk to her, and in a few minutes they were already in bed together. Aidan definitely didn't have to worry about the busted furnace that night.

When he woke up the next day, the girl was gone, and Aidan got changed to go work with the horses. When he arrived to the stables, he was called out to the ranch owners house.

When he got there, the owner told him that he needed to have a talk with him, and led Aidan up to his bedroom. After they were in the bedroom, the owner shut the door, and exploded on Aidan. "So you think you can just bang my daughter with no consequences!" He yelled. "That must have been the chick from yesterday" Aidan thought. He had known that the owner had a daughter, but he had never seen her before. "No, no sir" he said in a shaky voice. "I didn't know she was your daughter." "Doesn't matter," the owner said. "Since you treated her like a slut, it's time I do the same to you" he said, as he injected Aidan with a syringe filled with a glowing, pink liquid.

Aidan couldn't move his body, but that was only a small change, compared to what was about to happen next.

First, he lost all his body hair, then, his hair changed color from a rich brown, to a white blond, and it exploded out of his head, trailing down to his hips. Then, he shrunk from 5"11 to 5"6.

Next, his face became much more feminine, his ears became pierced, and his lips fattened up.

The next part of his body to change was his chest. He felt a burning sensation there, as two giant D-Sized books exploded out of his chest, and juggled around like crazy. At the same time, his back arched, pushing his breasts way out, as well as his butt.

Next, his arms slimmed down, but still retained quite a bit of muscle, perfect for his ranch duties, even though he doubted that when the transformation was complete, he would be doing much around the ranch. His fingers also became longer and thin, and his fingernails were painted.

His stomach was the next to change, as it slimmed down into an hourglass shape, and his bellybutton became adorned with jewelry.

Next, his butt went from being flat, to being a huge bubble butt that anyone would be jealous of. At this time, his thighs thickened up to support his huge ass, and his toenails became painted white

Finally, it was time for his last physical change. His manhood suddenly inverted, leaving a tight womanhood behind.

Even though she now had the body of a hot slut, she didn't yet have the right mindset, or the right clothes. First, her mind changed, as she lost all her old memory's, and then gained new ones, fitting her new body. She also gained the intense urge to have sex with every man she saw, which was unfightable.

Next, her jeans shrunk into super skimpy denim shorts, revealing nearly part of her lower body. Then, her flannel shirt became much tighter, and tied itself around her boobs.

Finally, she was unfrozen, and allowed to move again. "Now, babe, what's your name, and who do you listen to?" The owner asked her

"My names Alazae, and i'm ready for your cock, master" She replied, as she shoved him down onto the bed, and unzipped his pants. she then untied her shirt, and took of her shorts, which had nothing but her bare skin under them.

Finally, she climbed ontop of her master, and started her new life as a cowboy's slut.

From then on she spent her days riding horses, and her nights riding whatever guy was lucky enough to bang her.

-Her name is Laci Kay Somers-
Leggings - TG Caption
Bob was your average, sloppy guy, who didn't care what he wore, or what he did. One day, after waking up with an extreme hangover, he grabbed the nearest clothes he could find, to get ready for work. After he put the clothes on, he looked down at himself, and realized that he was wearing a pair of super tight leggings, and a loose-fitting sports bra.

"That girl from yesterday night must've left her clothes here" he said to himself. He reached down to take the clothes off, but when he touched the sports bra, an electric shock was sent through his body, starting at his head, magically changing his gender, and removing all his body hair.

First his hair grew longer, down to the middle of his torso, as it rearranged itself into a ponytail.

Next, his eyelashes grew longer and Sexier, as his face slimmed down, and his cheekbones moved upwards. At the same time his lips grew much bigger, and his teeth straightened out and became pearly white. To compliment the changes on his face, his vocal cords changed as well, becoming much higher pitched and seductive, perfect for the new, sexy woman that Bob was about to become.

As the shock travelled down his body to his torso, he felt a burning sensation, as 2 B-Cups exploded out of his chest, filling up the sports bra. His nipples became extra sensitive, and as they chafed the inside of the sports bra, he moaned in erotic delight.

Next, his arms became longer, and slimmed down, losing much of his previous fat, but keeping the muscle. His fingers also became longer and thinner, and nail polish appeared on his fingernails.

As the shock left his upper torso, and travelled to his abs, his back arched, thrusting his breasts forward, and his butt out. His abs also slimmed down, and became the sexy, toned abs of a beautiful woman.

The shock then travelled to his butt, where a huge buildup of fat in the region gave him a round, squishy, sexy ass, ready for any man's "little friend" to slide up into him, and give him the time of his life.

Next, his thighs became fatter and squishy, as his calves slimmed down, and his feet shrank.

Finally, his manhood inverted into his body, and a beautiful womanhood appeared in its place. This marked the end of the physical changes for Bob.

After her physical changes were complete, her mind changed to fit her new, gorgeous body. She became obsessed with her body, and fitness, but most importantly, she was craving some attention.

Since her body and mind were complete, Bob, now Bobbi, decided to go on a run to test out her new body. She jogged around her neighborhood for a little bit, then stopped at a local park to try to hook up with a random guy. While she was walking around the park, she saw a hot guy sitting on a bench alone. She walked up, and sat to his right, doing her best to look sexy.

She saw him take out his phone, and get a quick picture of her. Seeing he was interested, she scooted over to him, and pretended to "accidentally" tap him with her ass.

"My names Bobbi, you wanna go out tonight?" She asked him.

"Sure Baby, my names Doug," he replied to her.

"Here's my number," She said, handing him a piece of paper with a phone number on it.

"Call me when you're ready for dinner," she said. "Then maybe we can have some fun later," she whispered in a seductive voice. She then winked at him, and turned around, and started walking back towards her place, doing her best to walk while sticking her ass slightly out, and waving it voluptuously.

"Tonight's gonna be a lot of fun" she thought to herself. "I wonder how big he is"

-Her name is Hannah Stocking-


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