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Kyle was a normal 22 year old straight male. He liked to play video games, drive trucks, and drink beer. But that all changed when one day he received a mysterious package in the mail.

As the doorbell range, Kyle got up out of his chair, to go see what it was about, but when he opened the door, there was no one there. "That's odd" he said to himself. Right as he was closing the door, he saw a small package on the ground. He picked the package up, and headed back into his house, to check out the new mail.

He took the package into his bedroom, and grabbed his pocket knife to open it up. Once he cut open the box, he saw a plain silver IPhone inside it. "That's awfully generous" He thought to himself.

He decided to take some pictures with his new phone, but when he pressed the power button, an electric shock ran through his body, feeling painful, but erotic. His clothes then evaporated off of him. Suddenly, he felt a strange sensation on his head, as his hair started to grow rapidly longer, and turn a chocolately brown color, instead of his normal blonde hair.

The rest of his body then started to change as well. First, he lost all his body hair, and then he shrank from 5"10 to 4"8. His face was the next to change. He felt it become more feminine and delicate, and his lips bigger and fuller. His vocal cords then changed to give him a sexy, feminine voice.

The next part of him to change was his bones. His arms became shorter, and his fingers long and dainty. His back then began to arch, pushing his rear end out.

The muscle on his arms then slimmed down, as he lost most of the fat that he used to have from sitting on the couch all day. His stomach then began to change as well, slimming down to a well toned, female stomach.

Then, suddenly, two voluptuous D-Cup breasts jiggled out of his chest. At the same time, his nipples became extra sensitive, and he couldn't help but moan erotically in his new, seductive voice.

The changes weren't over yet, as he still had the bottom part of his body to go.

His thighs started to grow in size, as his ass grew into a sexy bubble butt. His feet then became smaller, and his calves slimmed down a bit.

Finally, it was time for his last physical change. He felt a burning sensation in his crotch, as his "little friend" inverted into his, now her, body, creating a brand new womanhood, ready to receive it's male counterpart.

His psychological changes were next, as her IQ dropped slightly, and she started to think like a woman.

After the changes were finished, Kyle, now Kristin, blacked out, and awoke a few hours later, wearing a sexy piece of red lingerie.

"OMG, this looks totally sexy on me" she said out load, and then proceeded to take many pictures with her phone. She then looked at some of the apps that were already on her phone, and opened up Tinder.

She created her profile, and set her picture as one that she had just recently taken. Within a few minutes she got a message from a guy named Mike, who wanted to come over to her house that night.

Before, all Kyle used to think about was video games, but now, all Kristin could think about was how good it was going to feel to have a man inside of her.

For Kristin, this was going to be one of many pleasure-filled nights in her new body.

-Her name is Yanet Garcia-
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